Our Board of Directors

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Board of Directors

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California, the Board of Directors have extensive experience in leadership and guiding public companies to success.

Mike Khanna


Mike Khanna is a senior high-tech entrepreneur with a background in sales and business development. With over twenty years of experience in Silicon Valley, Mike has brought innovation to the industry. Mike and his team successfully created and launched six products, services, and solutions at Sonasoft and currently champions the business development of the Company’s artificial intelligence (AI) products and services.

In addition to product development, Mike spearheads the investor relations (IR) initiatives and raises capital for the Company.

In 2014, Mike quickly recognized the void for a need to migrate competing archive systems, namely Mimosa and NearPoint, which led to a significant increase in Sonasoft’s revenues. Mike also successfully launched cost-effective migration services to migrate data from an older version of Microsoft Exchange Server to a newer version.

Mike’s business acumen led Sonasoft to venture into cloud-based products and services. His leadership was the force behind Sonasoft’s launch of SonaCloud, a cloud-based email archiving and eDiscovery solution and SonaSecure Email Protection and Email Continuity, which is also a cloud-based service that protects against threats such as ransomware.

Mike is now the Company’s driving force for the business development of the Company’s artificial intelligence (AI) cloud-based platform and services. He also is the champion for AI integration to the Company’s existing products and services.

Bruce Serpa

Bruce Serpa is Sr. Manager for Seagate’s Lyve Services. Serpa has been in the storage industry for his entire career, with previous roles including VP of Global Sales for a HDD manufacturer in Scotland, and General Manager of a 200M storage division for a global distributor. He’s spent the last 14 years with Seagate providing services for customers’ data. Serpa is an industry pioneer whose passion is delivering solutions that help customers gain access to their dormant or previously inaccessible data. Serpa holds a degree in Computer Science.

Paul Clauson

Paul Clauson is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience empowering startups to reach new heights. His wealth of expertise encompasses go-to-market, digital strategy, customer acquisition, fundraising, and Software as a Service (SaaS). Recently, the innovative spirit running through Paul’s family was the subject of a book on his grandfather, Wallace, a brilliant scientist who worked with John von Neumann and Albert Einstein. Paul received his undergraduate degree from UCLA in Political Theory and has a master’s degree from Western Seminary.

Kris Murthy

Kris Murthy has headed several companies in senior leadership levels including Managing Director of Resonance IT, CEO of Oasis Systems, and Vice-President of Scottline Healthcare. He has also extensively worked in hospitality industry at senior leadership levels and has received several awards of distinction from multinationals including Marriott Corporation.

Kris has techno-management expertise and has conducted several training programs in leadership, motivation, train-the-trainer, and technical framework and operations for post-graduate and graduate students across the continents in 12 different countries. Kris has a Masters in Information Systems, an undergraduate degree in Health Information Management and is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.