Point-Click Recovery software offers total protection for Microsoft Windows Servers    

Sonasoft, Corp. announces the availability of new release of SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery for File Systems. The new release offers rich features and enhances data protection capability for any type of Windows Server, namely, Print Server, Fax Server, Web Server etc.

SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery for File Systems offers total protection through image level backup and gives customers the ability to be up and running quickly in case of system failure or total disaster. Bare Metal Recovery and Open File Backup/Recovery capabilities will enable business operations to continue to function with minimal interruption. The application enables rapid recovery of files to the point of failure. Also, one can go back to a point-in-time and recover data quickly. Sonasoft’s patented technology offers reliable protection with excellent performance and minimal use of customer’s network infrastructure.

“SonaSafe delivers the simplest, most automated, and most cost-effective method to manage the backup and recovery process,” said Neil Kumar Khanna, Vice President of Operations at Sonasoft. “SonaSafe data protection management console enables corporate executives and IT managers to sleep soundly at night, knowing that their mission-critical data is safe and secure. Just recovering a database or an email or a file that was accidentally deleted by a user takes only minutes or seconds to recover,” remarked Neil.

Key Benefits of Sonasoft Point-Click Recovery for File Systems

  • Improve productivity through “Point-Click” recovery
  • Achieve quick and reliable Bare Metal Recovery through a bootable CD
  • Backup/Recover individual files or directories very easily
  • Protect data integrity and increase reliability through Open File Backup
  • Reduce storage costs through excellent compression capability
  • Lower IT costs through efficient disk-to-disk backup
  • Backup/Recover Windows NT/2000/2003/XP
  • Protect data with minimal impact on your network infrastructure
  • Manage backup and recovery remotely on multiple servers

About Sonasoft

Sonasoft, Inc. automates the disk-to-disk backup and recovery process for Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows Servers with its groundbreaking SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery solutions. Designed to simplify, automate, and eliminate human error in the backup and recovery process, SonaSafe solutions also centralize the management of multiple servers and provide a cost-effective turnkey disaster recovery strategy for companies of all sizes.

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