Boost Customer Engagement

Sector: High Tech

Company size: Fortune 1000

Performance Area: Customer Service

Goal: Deflect human intervention from the company’s support engineers and deliver high customer satisfaction with relevant online technical support portfolio.

Challenge: Existing AI implementation to the company’s online technical support portfolio only achieved a 12 percent relevancy of producing the correct answer to customers’ searches. From the company’s 50,000 active users, the average number of searches per month were nine. The company’s average cost for human intervention and have a support engineer assist the customer is $800.00 per ticket.

Results: After implementing Sonasoft’s AI Solution, the company increased its search relevancy from 12 percent to 60 percent with the best answer as the number one search answer. When the results were expanded to include the best answer within the first five results, then Sonasoft’s AI Solution scored over a 90 percent relevancy rate. With more input to aid the system’s machine learning capabilities, Sonasoft’s AI relevancy scores are expected to increase…and so will your revenue!

Boost customer engagement with AI customer service tools