Cobalt Computers and Sonasoft address a key market need for email archiving appliance

Cobalt Computers, a 30-year industry leader in data solutions, and laboratory research equipment, announces that it has teamed up with Sonasoft Corp. Sonasoft will be now providing their legacy product SonaSafe Integrated Archiving, Replication, and Backup software to approximately 20thousand current and future Cobalt Customers.

Cobalt is introducing enterprise class Exchange Email Archiving Appliances that lower the TCO of Archiving for SMB customers, and make enterprise level archiving affordable for the SMB market. The product, dubbed the C3 (Complete Communication Compliance) series of appliances, enables businesses of all sizes, big or small, private or public to safeguard against future litigation risks. It will effectively scale and optimize the exchange server storage infrastructure, and improve simple day to day employee email records and access management.

By partnering with Sonasoft we are providing an enterprise class email archiving solution to the SMB market, which is cost effective, and at the same time very feature rich. The market is waiting for a state of the art archiving appliance solution that will effectively help index, preserve, and simplify day to day employee and email records and access management, achieve regulatory and eDiscovery compliance, and meet business continuity needs of organizations of all sizes at an affordable price. We tested over 15 different software and hardware compliance packages currently available in the market and found only one that met our level of quality and technical demands. Our Cobalt Computer team is extremely excited about this partnership and we firmly believe that the combination of Sonasoft’s email archiving software with our hardware and industry wide reputation for outstanding quality and service will set us apart from any other archiving appliance solution on the market today for the SMB space. said Paul Mazzucco, President of Cobalt Computers.

We are extremely delighted to partner with Cobalt Computer and this will benefit everyone in the value chain — channel partners, distributors and resellers. An Email Archiving appliance built on a robust server will open up tremendous opportunity for channel partners and will offer an affordable, plug & play solution for the end-user. We’re confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial to both the companies and to our customers, said Andy Khanna, President & CEO of Sonasoft.

About Cobalt Computers

Cobalt Computers, Inc. a division of Coulbourn, Inc., a 30-year industry leader in data solutions, and laboratory research equipment, has recently expanded operations in Pennsylvania as an answer to growing needs in the scientific, corporate and academic sectors for reliable, performance driven systems.
Cobalt Computers sole mission, since its inception, has been to provide the industry’s finest, most reliable R&D and laboratory grade computers to a demanding customer base. More than simple office computers our systems are designed from the ground up to outpace, outperform and outlast any off-the-shelf systems available. Thousands of Hospitals Research Laboratories and Corporate Offices have our computers running worldwide. The highest quality components, building standards and processes ensure you will remain a Cobalt Computers customer for life.

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About Sonasoft

Sonasoft, Inc. revolutionized the Disaster Recovery / Failover / Replication and Email Archiving process for MS Exchange; MS SQL & Windows Servers with its groundbreaking SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery solutions. Designed to simplify, automate, and eliminate human error in the backup and recovery process, SonaSafe solutions also centralize the management of multiple servers and provide a cost-effective turnkey disaster recovery strategy for companies of all sizes. For more information, please visit


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