Sonasoft Sets to be the Leader in Price for Email Archiving Solutions
SonaVault Email Archiving: Best Product at the Lowest Cost Equals True Value


Sonasoft Corp has aggressively restructured pricing on its flagship products, SonaVault Email Archiving Software and SonaVault Email Archiving Appliance featuring DELL Servers as it aims to become the value price leader for email archiving solutions. Included are new affordable lease-to-own options with SonaVault Email Archiving Appliance featuring DELL Servers. This leasing option provides a particularly attractive offering for customers who may not have large budgets or staff, but desire to begin receiving the benefits of archiving immediately.


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May 9, 2012 – San Jose, California, Sonasoft Corporation, an innovative, leading provider of intelligent email archiving solutions, has restructured all pricing in reaffirming the commitment to its customers: “Best Product at the Lowest Cost Equals True Value”. The changes are effective immediately for both SonaVault Email Archiving software and SonaVault Email Archiving Appliances featuring DELL PowerEdgeTM Servers. All businesses and organizations may now easily obtain enterprise-class email archiving features such as true stubbing technology, which has proven to reduce the size of Microsoft Exchange Servers’ storage by up to 80 percent. Sonasoft makes its database store technology, which utilizes industry leading Microsoft SQL Server, even more cost effective. IT managers expressed serious concerns with the use of nonstandard, homegrown-like databases from competing email archiver solutions. In contrast, using SonaVault Email Archiving Software ensures that customers get the best search and reporting results, while safeguarding their email, at the lowest cost possible.

“Sonasoft will become the leader in price for email archiving solutions,” said Andy Khanna, President and CEO of Sonasoft. “Many of our customers that initially bought competing email archiver solutions were very dissatisfied with the performance of those other brands. For instance, their Exchange Servers were choked and eDiscovery searches took forever. The competing email archivers served up reports that were pre-cut cookie-cutter clutter and leaked sensitive information right into the hands of opposing counsel. The idea of one of our competitor’s tech support was to ship another box. Maybe this is fine if they were selling shoes, but in the realms of data protection and email archiving, this is unacceptable. This same competitor requires its customers to buy a new box once the limited, non-expandable storage capacity is reached. It’s like saying, ‘Hey, your foot grew. So, here, buy a bigger shoe.’ Another competitor charges almost the same price again for one-year’s maintenance support and software updates. That’s like going to a restaurant and getting charged double to have your food served on a plate.”

“Once customers,” continued Andy Khanna, “saw the full value and support that Sonasoft had to offer in its email archiving solutions compared to the competing email archivers, we almost always made a sale. Sonasoft only uses Microsoft SQL Server and fully warranted and expandable DELL Enterprise-class Servers. The best. Now customers have another reason to select us over the competing email archivers. We now cost less and add more value than they do.”

“Sonasoft’s value derives from the ease with which customers may expand their storage capacity and mailboxes. Our new SonaVault Email Archiving Appliance makes it even easier for businesses to only acquire what is needed today, and expand when the need arises”, said Neil Kumar Khanna, Sonasoft’s Vice President of Client Services and Operations. “Unlike alternative solutions, Sonasoft’s email archiving products won’t lock anyone into a set number of mailboxes or limited disk space. Our appliance customers can instantly increase the number of mailbox licenses or hot swap to larger drives as the business grows. This built-in future-proofing eliminates the need to replace the email archiving software or appliance with a different product or ‘upgrade’ to a larger model. Our customers will be investing in a solution that will meet their needs for years to come.”

“Our customers now have a great leasing option for our SonaVault Email Archiving Appliance featuring DELL Servers”, said Andy Khanna, President and CEO of Sonasoft. “This makes it very easy for companies to reap immediately the benefits of email archiving. Now, small to medium-sized businesses can obtain not only the best product at the best price, but can have it delivered to them with the simplicity of low monthly payments. ”

Sonasoft’s pricing structure is transparent, upfront, and available to all:

  • 100 mailbox email archiving software only license is $2,195
  • Email Archiving Appliance featuring DELL Servers with 100 mailbox license is $6,995 with leasing options as low as $227 per month (leasing rate may change based on company credit)

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About Sonasoft:
Sonasoft is a privately held developer and provider of Archiving and Business Continuity software for the Microsoft Windows platform in on-premise and SaaS environments. Sonasoft’s signature products for email archiving, SonaVault Software and SonaVault Appliance featuring Dell Servers, deliver enterprise level function to meet compliance requirements combined with pricing and ease of use to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

For orders, leasing options, and other inquiries regarding Sonasoft products and services including SonaVault Email Archiving Appliance featuring DELL Servers, contact:

Andy Khanna
CEO and President of Sonasoft Corporation
Direct  – (408) 708-4000
Mobile – (408) 893-8210

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Sonasoft provides affordable enterprise-level email archiving and eDiscovery solutions ideal for small to medium businesses using Microsoft Exchange Server.





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