Email Archiving Solution by Sonasoft Adds Redundancy to Middletown Township, NJ, Email System
Email Archiving Solution by Sonasoft Adds Redundancy to Middletown Township, NJ, Email System


The Government of Middletown Township, New Jersey, continues to select SonaVault, the Intelligent Email Archiving Solution from Sonasoft, to meet its regulatory compliance, as well as its commitment to Middletown Township’s open information policy and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). As an additional benefit, Sonasoft’s email archiving solution provided Middletown Township with an available and redundant email system at a minimal cost. These email archiving features and redundancy saved Middletown Township expenses from professional IT services.


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September 5, 2012 – San Jose, California, The Middletown Township of New Jersey, continues to select SonaVault, the Intelligent Email Archiving Solution from Sonasoft, to meet its regulatory compliance, as well as continue its commitment to have redundancy within its email infrastructure.

The Government of Middletown Township first purchased Sonasoft’s email archiving software with the intent to meet its regulatory compliance. At the time, Middletown Township took the initiative to ensure that all its emails would be safeguarded and treated accordingly. This email archiving solution also gave Middletown Township the additional benefit of having a redundant email system that is available at a minimal cost. This reduction saved Middletown Township expenses from professional IT services as well as time from scheduled maintenance.

“We are quite pleased with the performance from Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Solutions”, said Todd Costello, the Director of MIS. “Its email archiving works flawlessly. It captures every email that we send into our server, and our end users are able to transparently read, forward, download, print, and reply their archived email just as if it was on the Exchange Server. This redundancy ensures that our end users always have access to their email even when the Exchange Server is down for maintenance. As an administrator, I can easily perform searches and retrieve over 100,000 emails in less than five seconds thanks to Sonasoft’s email archiving solution. We looked at competing email archiving software, and no one could match this performance.

“One of the best benefits from selecting Sonasoft’s email archiving software”, continued Costello, “was the substantial great redundancy level to our Exchange Server environment. This puts a great utility into our server farm and enables us to have that peace of mind of having a redundant system that kept emails safe without the cost of an additional Exchange Server. Middletown Township is always looking for cutting edge IT solutions that bring true value and reduce costs. Sonasoft’s email archiving solution did both!”

“Sonasoft has ten years of professional experience with Microsoft products, especially with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server, said Neil Kumar Khanna, Sonasoft’s Vice President of Client Services and Operations. “We’re a Microsoft Partner. We understand how the product works and have developed fail-safe solutions for them. For instance, our SonaVault Email Archiving Software uses Microsoft’s Journaling mechanism to extract and archive every message. Every email that enters the Journal mailbox instantly gets copied, digitally signed, compressed, and then encrypted to ensure that all emails are archived safely. Even if an email is immediately deleted off the Exchange Server, it still has entered the archive.”

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About Middletown Township, NJ:
Living up to its slogan “The Biggest Small Town in New Jersey”, Middletown Township, NJ offers the right balance of a close caring community with first-rate amenities. There is something for everyone in Middletown Township; children-friendly museums, beaches, historic sites, parks, award-winning schools, golf courses, art centers, first-rate libraries, a variety of restaurants, shops, senior services, and more. Communities just come together in this type of environment. Not surprisingly, Middletown Township, NJ is consistently voted in the top 100 in CNN Money’s Best Places to Live. Since Middletown Township was established in 1667, it hosts a deep, rich heritage dating back to the American Revolutionary War. The public sector of Middletown Township works hard to serve its taxpayers with innovative, transparent, and cost-effective services.

About Sonasoft:
Sonasoft is a privately held developer and provider of Archiving and Business Continuity software for the Microsoft Windows platform in on-premise and SaaS environments. Sonasoft’s signature products for email archiving, SonaVault Software and SonaVault Appliance featuring Dell Servers, deliver enterprise level function to meet compliance requirements; they combine affordable pricing and ease of use to meet the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California.

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