SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions include genuine a license of Microsoft SQL Server

SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions include a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server
SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions include a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition at no extra charge.

One of the biggest differentiator with SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions and the competition is that SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions comes with a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition at no additional costs. Other high-end competing products either force its customers to purchase a full license of Microsoft SQL Server or budget-minded competitors offer a cheaper, albeit inferior solution that comprises of ‘homegrown’ proprietary data stores for its archive.

Not including Microsoft SQL Server into the email archiving solution creates several problems. First, for high-end solutions, the total cost of the email archiving solution is hidden. In this budget driven economy, organizations’ accounting departments have honed their veto skills of saying ‘NO!’ to any item that has a price creep. In other instances, already committed IT departments have to figure out a way to pay for the ‘unexpected’ expense by cutting corners in other areas. Regardless, this lack of transparency by providing an incomplete solution, i.e. sans Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition, has the potential to create financial havoc in an IT department. Secondly, by having the Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition not an integral part of the email archiving software, at the very least, IT departments have a cost of configuring both the Microsoft SQL Server and ‘hooking it up’ to the purchased email archiving solution. There are also potential hardware requirements and configurations creating more costs and more time expenses. Regardless, any product that is not fully integrated with Microsoft SQL Server, but relies on it, is not a complete solution.

Second, on the low end, email archiving solutions that use proprietary databases for its data stores create several potential problems. Although I am a big fan of Linux and open source code, databases are not websites or web servers. Slicing and dicing then retrieving data quickly requires robust industry-standard solutions. Microsoft SQL Server is the standard for databases. We have run into problems with competing email archiving solutions that just choke as the databases grow. Email archives with just 100 mailboxes can easily grow to several billion in just a few years. Many of the customers that switch from one of these solutions that use a proprietary database to our SonaVault Email Archiving Solution complain that their first solution worked fast a first, but kept getting slower and slower as time went on. Often times it took as long as 10 minutes to do a single search. Another competing solution can only retrieve 5,000 results per search. For a single end user, 5,000 results might seem plenty. Sadly eDiscovery solutions are not Google searches, where users rarely venture past the first ten results. We had customers complain that using that competing solution that they had to do continuous searches to retrieve all the data needed for an eDiscovery court order, which jeopardized meeting the deadline as well as consuming copious amounts of time.

Another concern about proprietary databases in an email archive is the integrity of database. If that solution provider went out of business or was acquired, then support to get the data archive could be sketchy, if not very expensive. By using Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition, an organization can easily backup, copy, replicate, and restore the data, issue free. Companies can even migrate the archive database if they prefer to export and then import it into a competing solution that utilizes Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition.

With SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions, a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition is integrated into our software. This incorporation allows for a seamless solution that gives the IT admin the best industry standard database with the minimum time needed for configuration. Basically, out of the box, a full robust solution is at hand. One of the features that our clients like most is the simplicity of automatically creating data stores to split up the database into sections. With just a few intuitive mouse clicks, IT admins can have new data stores created based on various criteria such as file size, monthly or weekly dates, etc. Not all email archiving solutions allow an IT admin to create new data stores. Most of the competing email archiving solutions force an IT admin to create a new data store manually and through a complicated, cumbersome process.

Having a database that has many data stores allows for faster searches. Where low end archive solutions that have just have one database pool searches are synchronously. The larger the database, the slower the search. Since SonaVault is able to split up the database into several smaller databases or data stores, searches are performed simultaneously. This will allow SonaVault Email Archiving Software to retrieve 100,000 emails in less than five seconds. Another benefit from being able to split up the database into smaller data stores is that the IT admin can move some of the data stores off to another storage device. Then the IT admin can connect to those additional storage devices or later import the data back into the email archiving server. This flexibility ensures that the IT admin will never have a storage issue with the email archive as well as never being forced to ‘upgrade’ to the next larger appliance. An additional benefit of having Microsoft SQL Server integrated with the email archiving software is that searches can include ‘keywords, ‘Boolean phrases’, ‘regular expression’, as well as ‘phrase searched’. Regardless, IT admins will find exactly what they are looking for. Fast.

Another well-appreciated feature that SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions have, thanks to the integration of Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition, is the ability to increase archive storage hassle free. All an IT admin has to do is just drop in a new drive or plug in an external storage unit, then assign future data stores to the new drive letter associated with the added storage. Voila! From this point forward, all new data stores will be created in that new drive. As long as all the archive data stores are connected to the email archiving server, then the archive will act as a whole. Therefore, SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions stops the endless worry of storage issue. Other competing archiving systems virtually (and literally) lock the IT admin into a box, and force them to either undergo difficult upgrades or purchase the ‘next size up’. This truly sucks, and we, at Sonasoft, believe that any solution, especially an email archiving solution, should make life easy for IT admins and end-users a like.

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