Forecast Sales

Sector: Manufacturing

Company size: Global Manufacturer of Electrical Products

Performance Area: Forecasting sales within its CRM

Goal: Wants insights into the probability of winning opportunities in its CRM and optimize the likelihood of completing a sale.

Challenge: The company had a lot of deals in its sales pipeline that were tracked within its CRM. Letting its sales staff predict the probability of closing these deals was not working. The company then had to find a way to accurately predict its sales forecast. Therefore, it turned to Sonasoft’s AI Solution to gain insights.

Results: Sonasoft ingested data and engineered its AI solution for new variables that could capture the events such as ‘how many previous opportunities were won for the account in consideration’, etc. The Sonasoft solution also looked for interaction between other variables including accounts and opportunity owner, products and opportunity owner, etc. Sonasoft’s AI Solution achieved 82 percent accuracy in identifying whether the opportunity was won or lost. It also gave insights such as which account is handled by which opportunity owner (sales rep) or which product is best sold by which opportunity owner, etc.