There is too much artificial intelligence hype today. This may cause for wonder: Is AI really viable for practical use? After some exposure to outsize AI claims, you may want to know how your business can leverage AI to improve its operations and its position in the marketplace.

At Sonasoft, we understand this all too well. Eager to jump on the next technology train, many companies are in a race to adopt some kind of AI to add value to their products and services. Some leaders in these organizations are hoping that something will stick and help them save face. Lamentably, many people soon discover that not all AI solutions provide value that matches the necessary investments in time and cost.

Real AI enables successful companies

The AI technologists at Sonasoft know how to get the most out of leveraging AI to a business need. Not only do we provide authentic AI-powered solutions, but Sonasoft has a strong, proven record of deploying AI solutions to provide significant value to our customers. Several notable examples include:

  • Increasing the search relevancy for an online help portfolio by almost 50 percent.
  • Achieving a high degree of accuracy in predicting the default rate of bank loans.
  • Superior, precise sales forecasting using AI to analyze Salesforce data.

Sonasoft AI solutions are also disrupting and displacing other industry solutions, such as the Einstein CRM assistant service by Salesforce.

In this article, the goal is to convey the new possibilities that are available to you for integrating genuine, truly productive AI technology with your business systems. We also share key aspects of our AI solutions and services.

Discover unseen opportunities in your business data

If it were possible to extract considerably more value from your data, in what ways would you exploit that additional leverage? These are some of the possibilities:

  • Apply AI-powered assistance precisely at the point of need — Give your employees direct, enhanced access to business data with AI-boosted analytics.
  • Readily identify actionable patterns and trends — Sonasoft AI technology can help you dig all the way to the very depths of your data, and guide you in finding root causes of peculiar or unexpected business outcomes.
  • Understand your customers much better — Get AI to help you discover which content, messages, and channels are most effectively resonating with your customers. This analysis is much less tedious and far more insightful when you employ AI technology to automatically analyze customer interactions—across all touchpoints with your organization.

The Power of Sonasoft AI

At the heart of Sonasoft AI solutions, the Nugene platform can rapidly identify patterns or distinguishing characteristics. It can also learn from those discoveries and then precisely apply new knowledge to solve specific problems in a variety of business scenarios. With NuGene, real-world AI applications can be built and released into a production environment within a few days.

Take a few minutes to consider some of the capabilities of the Nugene AI engine. As you continue through each of the short sections below, think about you might integrate the power of AI to optimize your business systems.

Anomaly detection

The conventional reactive approach seeks to identify problems using alerts that correspond to static thresholds or common patterns. Too often, this is simply inadequate. Many companies contend with so much data—and ever-increasing influxes of new data. This means, in many cases, that any notion of “normal” changes the moment one gets hold of it. A better, preemptive, intelligent approach is necessary to effectively engage with new trends and manage increasingly dynamic environments.

Sonasoft AI performs anomaly detection by continuously monitoring for the slightest interesting characteristics that might appear in the target data. At the deepest levels, the machine-learning algorithms in Sonasoft AI compare any anomalous data values with historical observations. Sonasoft AI can detect anomalies in any type of data source, including unstructured, structured, temporal and non-temporal, images, numbers, text, and relational datasets.

Key Use Cases

Anomaly detection is especially important in use cases such as:

  • Customer Churn
  • Machine Failure
  • Quality Assurance
  • Transaction Fraud
  • Cybersecurity
  • AIOps and IT Uptime

Forecasting and planning

To be competitive, any viable business seeks to gain a competitive edge by predicting future events. Forecasting is crucial to making intelligent business decisions, but conventional forecasting is done by human experts that make predictions after they build knowledge upon tedious analytical work.

Artificial intelligence vastly improves forecasting, since computing machines can process huge volumes of data very rapidly. Machine learning algorithms work collaboratively to generate more accurate predictions. One major reason that these predictions are better is that they rest upon a large number of multi-dimensional factors that are drawn out, run through many algorithmic permutations, and analyzed more thoroughly.

Good planning requires good forecasting, but planning is typically more complex since it deals with predicting causes given a future state. The causal inference engine in Nugene offers much stronger planning capabilities than other AI systems. Not only can NuGene forecast a host of input variables, but it also validates all of them across a large array of AI-generated scenarios—before narrowing down to a definitive plan.

Key Use Cases

These are only a few of the planning/forecasting use cases that Nugene readily supports:

  • Demand-sales
  • Consumer-user behavior
  • Machine-system state

Beyond correlation to causal inference

Human understanding depends heavily on the principle of cause and effect. It is by observing how an effect results from one or more causes that we learn about our world.

Much like humans, Sonasoft AI technology begins its cause and effect analysis by identifying anomalies in a system or data source. Then, it generates a number of probable causal hypotheses and works exhaustively to validate each one. The key to machine learning here is to distinguish between mere correlation and actual causality. This is the only way to build a valuable repository of knowledge from which you can gain actionable insights.

Because it associates reason with predictions, facilitates strategy and planning, and establishes expert trust in AI, causal inference is essential for virtually all use cases. Our NuGene engine presents causal inferences in human-understandable charts and graphs, both of which directly support expert intervention. Reciprocally, NuGene artificial intelligence can be enhanced by expert intervention that either discounts or discards the contribution of unknown variables.

Beyond the AI hype. Better Insights.

At its core, Sonasoft AI technology employs machine learning algorithms that ingest, cleanse, recognize distinctive features, catalog notable characteristics, and acquire an understanding of all types of data. Our solutions automatically manage algorithm selection, tuning, and benchmarking. With our Nugene solution, our customers report that they can—some for the first time—extract additional intelligence from their enterprise data and provide an end-to-end, data-to-intelligence pipeline that enhances their business operations.

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