In its Winter/Spring 2016 edition, MicroCap Review, “The Official Magazine of the MicroCap Stock Market Since 2006” featured a company profile of Sonasoft, which may be downloaded here:

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The published text is as follows:

Foundation and Vision
Sonasoft Corporation (SSFT) was founded in 2002 by Silicon Valley veteran, Andy Khanna, with the mission to invent solutions that would simplify, automate, and guarantee accuracy in business continuity software for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). In addition to prior executive roles in the software industry, Andy demonstrated innovative leadership by being first to market with a portable GPS navigation system. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 1998, Bill Gates chose this product to hold in his hand on stage to demonstrate the future in technology.

Sonasoft soon delivered a revolutionary disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution for Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows File Systems. The company subsequently added an email archiving and eDiscovery solution. Then as now, the company chose ease of implementation with enterprise-class features that solved customers’ real needs.

Sonasoft Today
Sonasoft made a strategic decision to focus on a rapidly emerging industry need for an archival and eDiscovery solution. Growing legal, governance, and regulatory requirements demand easy implementation, secure archiving of big data, and instant retrieval of information.

The company developed its flagship product, SonaVault, to deliver email archiving and eDiscovery solutions as standalone software or an appliance using Dell and HP servers. Recently, the company leveraged its core competencies to provide IT services to customers wanting to migrate from a competing archive platform or upgrade to a new release of Microsoft Exchange Server.

Sonasoft’s Future
In 2016, Sonasoft will announce details of SonaCloud 2.0, a market-changing archival and eDiscovery Platform as a Service (PaaS) product designed to securely archive email, files, social feeds, instant messages, audio, video, and images on distributed storage systems that can instantly scale without limit. Based on next-generation cloud technologies, SonaCloud 2.0 will fill a market void by providing critically needed scalability, availability, fault tolerance, continuous software delivery, auto healing, and advanced eDiscovery logic.

SonaCloud 2.0’s unified multi-tier platform will allow the company to expand its business model from direct sales to include white labeling opportunities from OEM’s, resellers, and distributors. SonaCloud 2.0’s architecture lets resellers enter any number of users and implement archiving without installation delays.

SonaCloud 2.0 will establish Sonasoft as a cloud technology leader; it also will allow the company to grow its customers exponentially. The company forecasts a significant sales increase with its existing archiving product and a disruptive penetration into new markets with SonaCloud 2.0.

With its experienced team and enthusiastic customer base already in place, the company expects revenue to jump. Sonasoft is a public company and trades as SSFT on OTC Markets. The company recently completed a two-year audit with MaloneBailey, LLP.

Monthly subscription revenue from its new cloud offering will combine with an increase of sales from the company’s revamped standalone software solutions that include yearly maintenance agreements. The company anticipates it will be profitable in 2016.

Download the MicroCap article on Sonasoft


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