Sonasoft has some exciting news. We are now offering a new service that exports proprietary email archives from Mimosa and NearPoint and converts this data into industry standard PST files. Sonasoft’s new data migration services allows customers of NearPoint and Mimosa to continue to retain all their emails without being bond to the restrictions set by NearPoint and Mimosa’s email archiving systems. Admins now can stay in compliance and move on to an email archiving solution that meets their needs.

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There are certain benefits to Sonasoft’s newly announced NearPoint/Mimosa Data Export and Migration Services:

Fast Data Extraction

First, the extraction of data is really quick. On average, users are getting at least 500 Gb of email data exported per day, and frequently rates of and over 1 Tb per day have been achieved. What could take weeks from using standard issued extraction tools, Sonasoft can complete the whole migration process in one or two days, (depending on the size of your email archive, of course).

Safe Data Export to PST Format with Verification

Secondly, Sonasoft’s NearPiont/Mimosa Migration Services allows for correction of any corrupt messages in the email archiving database prior to the migration process. Sonasoft email data migration tools checks for data integrity and thoroughly verifies if any messages were not migrated into PST files. Standard issued migration tools do not have these features, which leave admins ‘hoping’ for the best. In contrast, Sonasoft data export solution, admins can see if there are any problems, and know exactly which data was safely migrated and which data was not (if any). Your email archive data is safe with us.

Flexible Data Migration and Extraction Tools

Admins appreciate our features to extract NearPoint/Mimosa emails based on data range and other criteria. Our Email Data Export and Migration Services also can extract user archived email that was deleted from the Exchange Server as well as extract email from Public Folders.

Affordable Email Data Export and Migration Services

Sonasoft has always pride itself in giving our customers the best value at the lowest price. Just as we offer enterprise-class email archiving solutions, our new NearPoint/Mimosa Email Data Export and Migration Services allows admins to get the best migration services, without breaking their budgets or creating ‘gaps’ in downtime.

PST File Importer

Once admins have migrated their NearPoint/Mimosa email data into PST files, we certainly hope that they will consider our SonaVault Email Archiving Solutions. Whether it is our standalone software or appliance, SonaVault comes with a PST file importer that makes the transition fast and seamless.

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Thank you for considering our NearPoint/Mimosa Email Data Export and Migration Services. If you are interested to an estimate, please contact us. Don’t worry. We are friendly and there is no obligation. Happy archiving.

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