SonaSafe disaster recovery system for Microsoft Server provides data protection and regulatory compliance at key clients
Sonasoft announces several customer success stories using their new SonaSafe Point-Click Recovery software for Microsoft Servers. Customers in the legal industry are getting reliable and cost-effective protection of their data and emails using Sonasoft software. The SonaSafe solution also enables customers meet regulatory compliance and eDiscovery requirements.

Companies in the legal industry use Microsoft products extensively. Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows servers are being increasingly used for communication, for storing data and documents. Microsoft has closely worked with its partners to develop leading edge software products and solutions for the legal sector. Leading law firms like Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi, Berger & Montague, Spollin, Siverman & Cohen, Lieff Global and many more organizations have successfully deployed Sonasoft products to protect them from potential disasters and also meet regulatory compliance.

‘I began using the SonaSafe archive product while in beta because my experience with Sonasoft’s Exchange and SQL backup/failover/DR products has been stellar and expected the same from the archive product. I can now safely say that I have been in no way disappointed with SonaSafe for Email Archiving for the same reasons that impressed me with their original product suite: it’s stable, easy to install and configure, administration is straightforward and the program does not place undue strain on the Exchange server. Once again Sonasoft comes in a fantastic price point. Compared to other products SonaSafe for Email Archiving is the clear choice for my organization. Thanks to the entire team at Sonasoft for another great product’ Nick Fitzpatrick, Network Manager, Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi.

Key Benefits for Customers:

  • Meet compliance requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and many others.
  • Manage email life cycle from composition to deletion through proper policies.
  • Reduce email storage and management costs.
  • Reliable data protection through tamper-proof mechanism and encryption.
  • Improve productivity through ‘Point-Click’ recovery.
  • Protect data with minimal impact on your network infrastructure.
  • Manage email life cycle from composition to deletion through proper policies.
  • Protect the integrity of corporate data through a High Availability solution.

Source: Pro Security Zone


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