NuGene AI

Sonasoft’s Cognitive Intelligence Platform offers artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that are ready for primetime.

SAIBRE Overview:

  • Guided ML pipeline journey with smart, real-time suggestions
  • Visual drag and drop ML building blocks to create complete models
  • Add your own code with our “bring your own code” feature
  • At a glance bot monitoring gives you instant insight into how your bots are performing
  • One-click deployment to Sonasoft infrastructure

NuGene AI Overview

Sonasoft’s artificial intelligence assessment is fast. It takes less than four weeks to determine the best AI solutions out of thousands of possibilities. The value of Sonasoft’s AI saves an organization 75 percent or more of the initial costs of AI development. Sonasoft designed its artificial intelligence with reusable building blocks. This allows for cost-effective and efficient deployment. Sonasoft’s AI is reliable.

We provide transparent auditing of all AI logic. Sonasoft’s cognitive intelligence platform is secure. Developers can refer and use data but cannot view or analyze the data. Sonasoft’s AI meets business objectives. We deliver intelligence to meet KPI’s. Finally, Sonasoft’s artificial intelligence allows for users to automatically discover solutions and facilitates forward automation.

  • Monitor and analyze data of scale and deliver real-time intelligence on key decision points.
  • Deliver the right data to the right people at the right time to ensure the right decisions are taken.
  • Trigger a series of automated processes that increases efficiency, saves cost, and reduces errors.
  • Discover patterns and insights that humans and big data machines missed.
  • Produce results with positive KPI’s, significant ROI, and increased customer satisfaction.

Key Components

Automated Time Series Intelligence

By default, Cognitive Intelligence Platform (CIP) provides unsupervised time series intelligence

Context Manager

CIP manages context for users, objects, and entities of interest. It then delivers nudges for future behavior

Knowledge Engine

CIP extracts, manages, and discovers knowledge from structured data, unstructured data, and expert interviews

Automated Intelligence Engine

CIP Combines time series data with the knowledge to give real-time intelligence

Real-Time Intelligence Stack

Sonasoft combines real-time moving data with the knowledge to produce intelligence

How it Works

Data Access

After the data is uploaded or accessed through API’s, then the data is transformed into tensors. This data is then ready for cleaning, analysis, and learning

Testing & Benchmarking

CIP then automatically tests and benchmarks user interfaces that discover and identifies solutions

Download and Deploy

After the best solutions are selected, then the CIP models are ready to be applied


The CIP intelligence solution is connected to the data via API’s and then intelligence begins

Industry Solutions

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Predictive User Intent
  • Information Discovery
  • Improved Software License Costs
  • Predictive Security Risks
  • Predictive Application Risks
  • Predictive Customer Behavior
  • Predictive Machine Behavior
  • Enterprise IT Risks
Enterprise Risk Management

NuGene can continuously monitor your real time data and find early signs of Anomalies that presents unknown changes in data and pose potential risk in future KPIs. NuGene can also find causes for such anomalies and mitigation strategies

Knowledge Discovery

NuGene can read through your PDFs, Text, Webpages and extract knowledge from these documents. This Knowledge can power Q&A based enterprise knowledge discovery, automate support and function as a backend to chatbots

Demand Forecasting

NuGene can use your real time data and data from external sources like markets, socio-economic data, weather & traffic data etc to forecast future KPIs. NuGene can also specify key variables that are impacting your KPIs with impact magnitude.

Process Automation

NuGene can be used for enterprise process automation and as Intelligence for Robotics Process Automation Bots. Nugene is capable of product real time actionable intelligence that plugs itself into a process and can trigger forward action.

Customer Intelligence

NuGene can take your customer data and produce real time nano-segments from same to empower timely targeting of information to these customers. Nugene can also analyse changes in customer behaviour and predict future potential intent that can be used to create enhanced experience.

Predictive Maintenance

NuGene can consume sensor data from various sensors of a machine and produce intelligence about Machines health, process accuracy, consumable requirements, service requirements, etc. NuGene is capable of empirical modelling of Machine Dynamics from Input and Output Data