Cloud Migration

Snowflake/Redshift/Talend/Big Query

Our homegrown IP automate the conversion from RDBMS (Oracle, SQL server) to Snowflake, which expedites the cloud journey for customers.

  • Our cloud migration consulting team has helped customers by migrating around 250 TB of data from Teradata to Snowflake along with 3000+ tables
  • Our cloud migration service has helped an apparel giant to build their cloud DWH by using Talend and redshift.
  • Implemented a generic framework built for extraction, conversion and loads, configuration and parameter-driven framework. Converted Teradata/Netezza Stored Procedures to Snowflake Queries.
  • Big Data Integration Approach – Roadmap, PoC, Architecture Re-factoring
  • Cloud Data Integration (iPaaS) – Capabilities, Roadmap, PoC, Architecture, and Technology Evaluation


  • Source Analyzer – Helps users assess and plan the migration through demographic review
  • One-touch migration – Movement of structures and data in an integrated manner
  • Data Security – Both extract and transports are secured
  • Performance Optimizer – Porting and mapping to targets to ensure high performance
  • Business focused interface – End user-focused UI