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White papers

Why company-wide ML initiatives fail

June 10, 2020

Machine learning is seen as a cornucopia that will rescue the fortunes of any company. Many companies are throwing huge resources into company-wide ML initiatives. But
all too often, these initiatives fail. Here, we explore the main reasons for this. Then we present Sonasoft NuGene, an AI bot factory that overcomes all these problems.

The Sonasoft AI Solution

March 12, 2020

AI is a disruptor, transforming business processes, bringing new opportunities, and helping companies leverage the vast oceans of data they collect. There are myriad use cases, from stock control and forecasting through to identifying efficiency savings in your back office processes.

The AI Bot Factory

January 12, 2020

Over recent years, there has been a growing trend towards using automation in business. However, the standard RPA approach creates relatively dumb bots that only perform a single task. These bots can’t be repurposed for other tasks, and it is hard to get them to work with other bots to automate entire processes. This is where intelligent automation comes into play.