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Ask us about our email archiving solutions for K-12 educational institutes.

Educational institutions such as Universities, Colleges, and K-12 school districts are growing at a rapid pace. The increase in enrollment needs to be supported by ever-growing physical and IT infrastructure. Data is increasing at a rapid pace and needs to be properly managed, stored and maintained. Many educational institutions have successfully implemented enterprise-class email archiving solution for data protection and disaster recovery.

Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Solutions for Education Compliance – Saves Time, Reduce Cost and Improves Productivity

Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Solutions for Education Compliance include a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Traditionally, educational institutions used tapes as the primary medium for storing data. The backup system that consisted of tapes was not enough to meet the growing needs of their IT department. Backup to tapes is not reliable, takes too much time to backup and gets worse with data growth. These institutions do not have any means of sending the data offsite in case of fire, flood, earthquake, or a server crash. That is why many educational institutions are looking to set up an off-site server, which will be readily available in case of a natural or man-made disaster, which is where Sonasoft’s enterprise email archiving solution comes to their aid.

Sonasoft – Enterprise-class Email Archiving Solutions for Education Institutes

Sonasoft provides an affordable, easy-to-use and reliable enterprise email archiving software solution for meeting the needs of educational institutions. By implementing Sonasoft products, educational institutions have saved time, reduced cost and improved productivity. Sonasoft saved time by dramatically speeding up the recovery of an entire server, database, mailbox or even a single mail message with just one click. The solution helped to reduce the cost of data protection by reducing downtime significantly. Sonasoft eliminates human error by automating the recovery of servers, databases, mailboxes, and email.


Ask us about email archiving & eDiscovery solutions for governments

Increase Uptime and System Availability in the Public Sector Sonasoft’s Email Archiving Solutions for Government Compliance include a genuine license of Microsoft SQL Server Governmental organizations at all levels are grappling with the growth of data. The ever-increasing data needs to be properly managed, stored and maintained. Also, compliance and other regulatory requirements are forcing many of the IT organizations to be proactive. Many city, state and federal government organizations have successfully implemented Sonasoft government email archiving solution for high availability and disaster recovery.

Removing Challenges of Government Email Archiving Compliance:

Government organizations use Microsoft products extensively and Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows servers are deployed widely to run IT operations. Most of the government departments use tape as their backup medium. Very few of them replicate their Exchange and SQL Servers to a remote location for disaster recovery purposes. Unreliable tape backups, slow recovery and lack of disaster recovery protection are some of the key challenges faced by governmental organizations. With Sonasoft government email archiving solution, such challenges are eliminated.

Sonasoft’s Solution for Government Email Archiving Compliance

Sonasoft’s government email archiving solution increases the uptime and system availability of SQL Server and Exchange Server systems because of the ease of restoring failed servers. Typically, recovery time is reduced by 50-80% because of rapid data recovery by Sonasoft. The automation and ease of use of the Sonasoft application enables customers to manage Exchange and SQL servers more efficiently. The backup process is very reliable and is set in auto-pilot, and users are able to focus their energy on server performance and management more effectively.


Automate The Entire Backup Process And Reducing Backup Times

The healthcare sector is growing at a rapid pace and is mandated to meet the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Hospitals and healthcare organizations are faced with large amounts of data due to the ever-increasing patient population and also due to increased longevity. Health Care Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Compliance requirements require the sector to implement solutions that will help it to effectively operate without disrupting services. Sonasoft’s solutions for healthcare email archiving helps automate the entire backup process and reduces backup times.

Challenges in providing solutions for Healthcare Email Archiving

Companies in the healthcare industry must comply with stringent governmental regulations related to the confidentiality, transferability, and security of patient data. Healthcare organizations need to have access to patient records and other business-critical applications all the time. All the information should be backed up reliably and should be made available immediately in case of a disaster. Traditional tape-based systems and replication solutions are unable to meet the disaster recovery and business continuity needs of healthcare institutions. These challenges can be easily eliminated by Sonasoft’s healthcare email archiving solutions.

Sonasoft Solution for Health Care Email Archiving

By implementing the Sonasoft healthcare email archiving solution, Healthcare institutions have been able to automate the entire backup process, reducing backup times by 75 percent and freeing IT staff hours for more important activities such as customer support. The easy, sub-minute health care data recovery made possible by Sonasoft has palpably increased the productivity and peace of mind of both IT staff and employees. Reliable replication and easy to use failover/failback capability have enabled organizations to have peace of mind.

Legal Services

Law Firms Email Archiving to Achieve Quick Recovery Of Emails And Databases

Companies in the legal sector use Microsoft products extensively. Microsoft Exchange, SQL and Windows servers are being increasingly used for corporate communication, for storing data and documents. Disaster Recovery and Compliance requirements require legal firms to implement solutions that are robust and reliable. Legal information regarding clients should be properly safeguarded and protected. Sonasoft’s solutions for law firms email archiving helps you achieve quick recovery of emails and databases.

Challenges Removed with Law Firms Email Archiving Solutions

Law firms are heavy users of emails and this makes Exchange server very critical for the business day-to-day operation. In many cases, law firms use the Exchange server as a de facto document repository system. Hence it is very essential to protect these servers properly and implement reliable disaster recovery systems. Also, it is imperative to recover data quickly and comply with regulatory compliance requirements. Sonasoft’s law firms email archiving solutions eliminates these challenges efficiently.

Law firms data protection with Sonasoft’s Law Firms Email Archiving Solutions

By implementing the Sonasoft solution, law firms are able to achieve quick law firms email recovery and databases. Unique replication functionality provides the ability to failover to a remote server very easily. The web-based application provides the ability to access it anytime and anywhere, of course with proper security. By implementing Sonasoft’s law firms Email Archiving solution, one can find and retrieve email related information within seconds through sophisticated search technology.


Quick Data Recovery And Reliable Business Continuity

Financial institutions are impacted by regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Basel II, Gramm-Leach-Bailey Act (GLBA) and various SEC regulations, and they are required to have proper solutions in place to protect the data and provide reliable disaster recovery and business continuity. Banks, insurance companies and hedge funds must guarantee that their customer account information is protected. That is precisely why such enterprises need financial institution email archiving solution from Sonasoft.

Challenges removed with Financial Institution Email Archiving

Financial institutions are faced with increased regulation and are mandated to safeguard customer account and transaction information. They need to have the proper disaster recovery and compliance solutions in place not only to protect valuable information but also meet strict regulatory requirements. The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are more stringent and the systems are required to be up and running very quickly in case of a disaster. Banks and brokerage firms not only look for quick recovery of emails, databases and other information but also need the ability to failover to a remote site in case of a disaster. Sonasoft’s financial institution email archiving solutions eliminates these challenges effectively.

Sonasoft’s Financial Institution Email Archiving Solution

By implementing the Sonasoft solution, financial institution email archiving have been able to put together a system that provides quick financial institution data recovery, reliable business continuity, and financial institution data protection. One can periodically failover/failback a single database or mailbox to test disaster recovery preparedness. Excellent compression helps to reduce storage costs drastically. Email Archiving helps these institutions to meet complex regulatory requirements. Financial organizations faced with litigation are often asked to produce emails and related information that was sent and received both within and outside the organization. Sonasoft provides the mechanism to retain information and retrieve them very quickly without the need to spend an enormous amount of time and resources.

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