Automated storage and secure email retrieval addresses key challenge to critical information

San Jose, CA October 06, 2010 — Sonasoft Inc., an emerging leading provider of fully integrated and automated solutions for archiving, disaster recovery, and data backup/recovery solutions for the SMB market, today announced the continued benefits associated with the customer validated and approved Sonasoft email archiving solution. Sonasoft’s email archiving solution – SonaVault delivers uncompromising functionality to ensure legal requirements are enforced through e-Discovery functionality, improved system performance, reduced costs and seamless management and retention of corporate information.

Sonasoft recognizes the growing reliance of SMBs on e-mail as their primary form of inter-business communication - commented Andy Khanna, President and CEO, Sonasoft. The inherent flexibility, ease of use and user-friendly management platform, makes the SonaVault solution, the solution of choice for business continuity and full protection of mission critical data.

Sonasoft provides separate business continuity applications that can become a fully integrated solution which includes Backup, Disaster Recovery, Replication, and Archiving, while being server agnostic. Customers add functionality without the need for an extensive installation process. Most importantly, SMBs eliminate the complexity of integrating applications from multiple vendors. By combining the various components of the individual applications, SMBs gain a tremendous advantage by leveraging the architecture of the Sonasoft solution to deliver enterprise functionality and scalability at a fraction of the cost.

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About Sonasoft

Sonasoft is a privately held developer and provider of Archiving and Business Continuity Software on the Microsoft Windows platform specifically for the Small to Medium Businesses. The company’s products provide separate business continuity applications that can become a server agnostic fully integrated solution that includes Backup, Disaster Recovery, Replication, Email Management, eDiscovery and Archiving.

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