Sonasoft Inc., which makes automated solutions for archiving, disaster recovery, and data backup/recovery solutions for the SMB andROBO markets, has announced the expansion of its email archiving software to include a full featured solution for companies around 25 employees and larger.

“Sonasoft is always looking for new ways to help the small and medium businesses achieve operational excellence when it comes to managing their exchange environments, and preparing for regulatory compliance,” said Andy Khanna, President and CEO, Sonasoft. “With the expansion of our SonaVault it enables us to address the demands that we are receiving in the market for our products by companies around 25 employees and larger.”

SonaVault is a stand-alone, software based, powerful and comprehensive email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It enables organizations to archive, search and retrieve emails to achieve regulatory compliance and operational excellence.

SonaVault uses stub technology without any client side component installation to reduce the size of the Exchange Server by as much ninety percent (90%) in some cases. In this process, message contents including attachments are removed from the email and a pointer, namely “stub” is created in the email body which has a small footprint compared to the actual message size. This is transparent to the end-users who access emails through Outlook in the usual fashion. Stubbed emails when replied or forwarded, retrieve contents from the SonaVault Store instead of the Exchange Server, seamlessly to the end-user.

It also facilitates continuous email archiving through a patent pending feature. When used in conjunction with Sonasoft’s Exchange Replication product, Continuous Email Archiving can be achieved without the loss of emails even after the Primary Exchange Server switches over to the Standby Exchange Server. This is due to the fact that the Standby Exchange Server is always online with a pre-configured archiving agent which will start archiving as soon as it assumes the primary – active – role.

Source(s): eChannelLine


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