Sonasoft Inc., an emerging leading provider of fully integrated and automated solutions for email archiving, disaster recovery, and exchange backup / recovery solutions along with Osterman Research a market research and consulting firm, announced today that it is making available its white paper, Why Email Archiving is a Critical Best Practice.

The research addresses the issues related to email archiving adoption today. It also answers critical questions like: Why is archiving is a critical best practice for any organization? Is archiving riskier than deleting all content and does it create additional storage problems? Can regular backups be an important best practice substitute for archiving?; while giving a brief overview of how Sonasoft’s email archiving solutions can help resolve these issues.

According to Michael D. Osterman, President Osterman Research, Inc. and author of this whitepaper, Email archiving can have a positive impact on virtually every individual and function within an organization:

  • It can dramatically lower the time and cost of responding to a regulatory audit or an e-discovery request, thereby reducing legal fees and the time required to respond to inquiries.
  • It can more reliably preserve business records because it takes the decision out of the hands of individual users, and it reduces the likelihood of accidentally deleting important content that should be preserved for long periods.
  • It can reduce the amount of storage on email servers, allowing them to run more efficiently and reliably with shorter backup windows and shorter restoration periods.
  • It can allow end users to access their own older email content instead of requesting assistance from IT, allowing the latter to work more efficiently.
  • It can assist with migrations from one version of an email system to another, making the entire process of migration faster and more efficient.

On why should people be downloading this report, Osterman adds, Email archiving is both a business and a technical decision. Line-of-business decision makers should read the paper to understand the business and legal benefits of archiving, while IT decision makers need to understand that archiving is not just another system to manage, but instead one that can save them time and money, and can make other parts of the IT infrastructure operate more efficiently.

Topics covered in the white paper include:

  • What prevents archiving adoption today?
  • Why do you need to archive email?
  • Key issues to consider when selecting an email archiving solution
  • Understanding the consequences of not archiving
  • How to establish mail and other content retention policies
  • Calculating long-term archiving requirements
  • Deploying a solution for long-term

If you would like to download a copy of the white paper, please visit:

About Sonasoft

Sonasoft is a privately held developer and provider of Archiving and Business Continuity Software on the Microsoft Windows platform specifically for the Small to Medium Businesses. The company’s products provide separate business continuity applications that can become a server agnostic fully integrated solution that includes Backup, Disaster Recovery, Replication, Email Archiving and management. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

About Osterman Research

Osterman Research helps vendors, IT departments and other organizations make better decisions through the acquisition and application of relevant, accurate and timely data on markets, market trends, products and technologies. The research firm helps vendors of technology-oriented products and services to understand the needs of their current and prospective customers. It achieves this by continually gathering information from IT decision-makers and end-users of information technology.



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