[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today’s tough economic climate is difficult for even the most established companies. In order to survive, these companies are taking drastic measures such as headcount reduction and furlough days in an effort to conserve cash and extend their financial runway through these uncertain times. The so called lucky employees are left, to complete the mounds of work left by their fallen colleagues in addition to their own ever increasing workload. So, when a relatively small, emerging software company can raise its head, amid the economic woes and say “were doing OK,” they must be doing something right.

Sonasoft, founded in 2003 and headquartered in San Jose, delivers automated solutions for the archiving, back-up and replication of emails in a Microsoft domain, driven by the growing e-mail dependencies for businesses. Founded and led by President and CEO, Andy Khanna, his entrepreneurial experience, business savvy and dedication to technology has helped him become one of the most admired Indian Americans in Silicon Valley.

Humble Beginnings

Andy Khanna moved to Silicon Valley from India in 1963, where he spent a humbling summer working in the valley’s orchards to make ends meet. Khanna had higher aspirations and went on to become one of the first Indian Americans to take a tech company public, leading Univation to new heights and becoming President of Datus. Andy was not finished. After raising an initial seed round from private investors and angels, Sonasoft was born.

During the worst economic downturn since the Depression, Sonasoft has continued to maintain investor interest, having raised over 8 million dollars in private capital. Sustained interest from investors in tight times speaks volumes about a company’s prospects. Sonasoft’s data protection software and disaster recovery solutions have attracted a steady stream of attention from business customers across the country, and with time, the company’s technical know-how seems poised to attract more.

If the dot com bubble of the 90s taught us that style never wins over substance, Sonasoft’s substance is enough to make observers do a double-take. Like the Hewlett-Packards before them, Sonasoft has approached the business landscape of the twenty-first century with the optimism, the attitude, and the drive of a Silicon Valley garage startup. Rolling up its sleeves to do business, the company continues to follow in the storied footsteps of innovation, resourcefulness, and real substance the Valley’s first innovators walked half a century ago.

Leading From the Top

CEO Andy Khanna’s team also attests to Sonasoft’s stability and promise. Since Khanna founded the company, the company’s employees, in almost every department-marketing, engineering, human resources-have remained incredibly loyal, sharing the same vision and a common goal for success. As companies try to weather the economic turbulence, the loyalty and optimism inspired by Sonasoft’s unique culture are a model for the industry that attests to the strength and the market demand for of its products.

Sonasoft’s survival instinct continues to appear in the sales numbers for its products-SonaSafe Email Archiving, SonaSafe Exchange Server, SonaSafe SQL Server, and SonaSafe File Systems. Sales aside, Sonasoft’s customers also attest to the company’s promise. A list of clients includes major companies and institutions, including Johnson & Johnson, Subaru, Stanford University, and Dolby. Even when many companies are looking for ways to cut back, these companies have chosen to stick with Sonasoft’s data recovery, backup, and archiving solutions for their product superiority and innovation -using their dollars to back up their choices.

Like the innovators that made the Valley what it is today, Andy Khanna and Sonasoft have proved to be fierce competitors in an even tougher economy. Not just another company that makes big claims with no substance, Sonasoft can stand behind its advanced engineering experience. Over its brief history, Sonasoft has been building on its experience and technical prowess. 2009’s growth is pretty impressive; however, 2010 looks like a pivotal year for Sonasoft as they expand their customer base and make inroads into new markets. While there has never been a sure bet, Sonasoft, is as good as they come.

About Sonasoft
Sonasoft, Inc. revolutionized the Disk to Disk backup and recovery process for MS Exchange MS SQL & Windows File Systems with its groundbreaking SonaSafeT Point-Click RecoveryT solutions. Designed to simplify, automate, and eliminate human error in the backup and recovery process, SonaSafe solutions also centralize the management of multiple servers and provide a cost-effective turnkey disaster recovery strategy for companies of all sizes. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, please visit www.sonasoft.com

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