Streamline Customer Support

Sector: E-commerce

Company size: Large company with significant infrastructure

Performance Area: Customer Support

Goal: Forecast the number of customer support tickets with particular attention to tickets that fall under the ‘password reset’ category.

Challenge: The company needs to forecast the amount of recourses to quickly resolve support tickets. Since the e-commerce site is a B2C, immediate customer satisfaction is necessary to remain relevant; after all, customers are just a click away from going to a competitor. However, the company cannot overstaff its support team either. The company also realizes that some events and times of the year will cause a disproportionate amount of support tickets. Therefore, the company needs to be prepared for these types of fluctuation with adequate and flexible resources.

Results: Sonasoft ingested knowledge base, FAQ’s and other data points and applied deep learning along with seasonal decomposition – producing 75% modeling accuracy. This allowed the company insights on how best to staff and place resources in order to achieve high customer satisfaction and still be efficient in operations.