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Sonasoft is the easiest to use AI platform. Sonasoft lets you leverage the power of AI, solving real-world business challenges, fast. With Sonasoft, any enterprise can build cutting edge AI bots that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and processes.

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your data

Your data is your most valuable resource. But are you leveraging it effectively? As the experts in big data analytics, we will transform your raw data into a useful commodity.

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NuGene takes a unique approach to analyzing data. Unlike other platforms it understands that things change in time. This gives you new insights that no other approach can see.

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of the curve

We operate at the cutting edge of AI and big data technology. We evaluate every advance in ML and incorporate anything that will improve the experience for our customers.

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Automate your enterprise with NuGene

As an artificial intelligence consulting firm, we offer NuGene, an AI platform that creates narrow AIs autonomously. Unlike other platforms, NuGene understands that correlation is not the same as causation. It works on raw data, including time series, audio, and visual, as well as more traditional discrete data. NuGene is unique because it can create hypotheses and test these for causation before generating an AI model.


During its unsupervised learning phase, NuGene checks for causation, not just correlation.


NuGene performs automatic data QA to create faster models despite the range of data types.


NuGene has built-in benchmarking to ensure that all the models it creates are comprehensive.

Anomaly Detection

Anomaly detection can be used to identify fraudulent financial transactions instantly. It does this by recognizing unusual patterns in spending behavior. As an AI consulting company, we know that an AI system will spot the difference between someone traveling with their credit card and someone using stolen credit card details.

Knowledge Discovery

Electronic discovery or eDiscovery is used to analyze and find new information relating to civil litigation, patent cases, etc. As one of the leading artificial intelligence solution providers, it involves analyzing both the data itself and the meta-information related to it. EDiscovery may also be used during cases relating to data protection, e.g., breaches of HIPAA.

Demand Forecasting

Many AI consulting firms realize that businesses need to predict how much stock they need. This is incredibly difficult as you need to predict what will be in demand and when the demand will come. However, AI forecasting through top AI consulting firms like Sonasoft offers insights based on past behavior, current hype, and factors such as weather forecasts.

Process Automation

Sonasoft AURA is a suite of cognitive intelligence bots delivering a unique and intelligent solution to all your customer support management problems. AURA Anticipates user needs, Understands human interactions, Resolves issues automatically and Assists your human agents.

Customer Intelligence

NuGene can take your customer data and produce real time nano-segments from same to empower timely targeting of information to these customers. NuGene can also analyze changes in customer behavior and predict future potential intent that can be used to create enhanced experience.

Predictive Maintenance

Unscheduled downtime can drastically impact productivity and profits. But scheduled routine maintenance is often inefficient and wasteful. NuGene can create models to accurately predict exactly when maintenance will be needed, saving you money and allowing you to better schedule your downtime.


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