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Sonasoft is the home of SAIBRE, our easy-to-use AI bot creation, deployment, and management platform. SAIBRE becomes your AI bot factory, letting everyone leverage the power of AI easily.

Empower all
your data

Our solutions will transform your raw data into your most valuable resource. As the experts in big data, we help you create AI bots to transform your raw data into a useful commodity.

Zero Effort

SAIBRE lets you see the hidden patterns in your data. Normally this needs a big team of data scientists and engineers and this will cost you millions. But with Sonasoft, you get zero effort and zero maintenance AI.

your ROI

SAIBRE helps you rapidly develop and test data-driven improvements to your mission-critical processes. You will see a rapid return on your investment with improved efficiency and productivity.

How does SAIBRE work?


Take your raw data from any source


Work with us to choose a suitable bot


Create and verify the AI models


Check if the bot can give good results


Deploy the final bot in our infrastructure

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Transform your Enterprise with SAIBRE

SAIBRE, the Sonasoft AI Bot Runtime Engine, gives users the easiest way to create and operate production AI bots. SAIBRE offers a number of unique elements:

  • Guided ML pipeline journey with smart, real-time suggestions
  • Visual drag and drop ML building blocks to create complete models
  • Add your own code with our “bring your own code” feature
  • At a glance bot monitoring gives you instant insight into how your bots are performing
  • One-click deployment to Sonasoft infrastructure

Inspired by biology

SAIBRE is based on our super-efficient patent-pending deep learning technology. This allows us to create deep learning bots that use far fewer resources than normal.

User friendly

The SAIBRE platform is designed from the ground up to be as easy to use as possible. We also offer you customized end-to-end bot creation services.

Rapid deployment

SAIBRE lets you deploy your bots with just a single click using Sonasoft infrastructure. We can also assist you with deploying to your own infrastructure.

Lead scoring

Do you know which of your leads are worth chasing? Which are most likely to sign? SAIBRE can analyze all your historic leads to create an accurate lead scoring model. Focus your sales and marketing where it matters.

Inventory forecasting

Retail businesses need to order inventory well in advance. Get your prediction wrong and you end up with a warehouse full of stock you can’t shift. SAIBRE allows you to accurately forecast what to buy and when.

Churn prediction

Many businesses rely on subscription-based pricing models. But forecasting future revenues is tough. SAIBRE can take your historic data and create a precise user-by-user churn prediction model.

Customer segmentation

You probably don’t realize just how much information is hidden in your customer data. SAIBRE can analyze this in depth and give you a precise customer segmentation, allowing you to target special offers, sales and advertising more effectively.

Revenue optimization

Elastic pricing lets eCommerce giants adjust prices to influence demand and thus maximize revenues. Typically, this is only possible for the largest retailers. But SAIBRE opens up this sort of revenue optimization to any retailer with enough sales data.

Demand forecasting

Utility companies have to predict demand to prevent price surges. SAIBRE lets you create accurate models that predict peak demand many hours in advance. These models will take account of weather, sports events and other key factors.


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