Transform your Enterprise with SAIBRE

SAIBRE, the Sonasoft AI Bot Runtime Engine, gives users the easiest way to create and operate production AI bots. Let Sonasoft become your AI bot factory.

SAIBRE Overview:

  • Guided ML pipeline journey with smart, real-time suggestions
  • Visual drag and drop ML building blocks to create complete models
  • Add your own code with our “bring your own code” feature
  • At a glance bot monitoring gives you instant insight into how your bots are performing
  • One-click deployment to Sonasoft infrastructure

The Sonasoft difference: Sonasoft’s integrated AI solution stands out for three main reasons.

  • Industry and application agnostic. Our AI solution can be applied to any use case, in any industry, with any sort of data. This helps us to stand out against the opposition. The flexibility of our approach is down to the expertise we have in data science, coupled with the unique way SAIBRE analyzes your raw data.
  • Simple and quick to learn. SAIBRE is designed with users in mind. Most AI engines are tools to make life easier for data scientists. We hide that complexity and provide a tool that anyone and everyone can learn to use. The platform guides you as you create your model and makes it super-easy to deploy bots in production.
  • Uniquely powerful AI engine. The underlying AI engine in SAIBRE applies our patent-pending approach to creating neural networks. These are the fundamental building blocks of the most powerful AI models. Our approach allows us to create much smaller networks without sacrificing accuracy. These work more efficiently, consume fewer resources, and are optimised for performance.